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Question: Ben, was there ever a video that you wished that you could've pursued but the team turned it down? Sometimes, I come up with these great UFO videos that are - usually it's UFOs.

Not everyone is as enthused to go investigate those as I am.

But, I kind of have to listen to everyone's opinion and weighing in that they do sometimes make sense not to go out and do cases that are so similar to the ones we've already done, or if we've got something that is more compelling at the moment. If we're talking specifics, for example, there was several cases in Russia, these triangular pyramid objects.

Ben Hansen: Well, I think experience in any type of formal investigation helps in this type of thing. With my experience, there's a methodical process in all the investigations I've done for all the different agencies.

A lot of criticism the paranormal community gets is that you're seeing these kind of groups assemble of people who kind of go out, they've heard about certain equipment, they've heard about a location, and it's just kind of go out, try everything. But, it pretty is the same thing in that as best as we can, we try to follow the scientific method in that we see a phenomena, we formulate a hypothesis or theory, we go out and we test that to the best that we can with real, tangible experiments, and then we observe the results.

Now with working in the FBI, I also acquired a lot of skills.

I don't know how many hundreds of interviews with different agencies I did, in interviewing victims, perpetrators, and that crosses over well.

Because, you're looking for tell signs of deception.


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