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Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

You can create a macro that once you are done entering data in input file, you execute it and it changes data in calculation and finally output file.You will have to open the calculation file, but you can do this without the user seeing it open (by putting Application.Screen Updating = False and application.displayalerts=false) you then do the changes and then close it and save it through the macro.You have the options of hardcoding the locations of the files on the directory - or have them all together in one directory and let the macro figure it out, or add a pop-up that asks the user to locate the file - filetoopen = Application.Get Open Filename(Filefilter:="Excel Files (*.xls),*.xls", Title:="Find my Calc file", Multi Select:=False).

The cell references were all correct, but for whatever reason they would not update.

I tried a couple of things - "Formulas - Automatic" was checked, clicking "Calculate Now" and "Calculate Sheet" would not update the model.

The only way the to update the cell is to click on the formula and hit Enter or Tab.

I tested the issue out on a couple of new speedsheets (both saved on the same shared drive) and it's still happening.

Not sure if its just my computer yet, currently testing the issue with different computers.


  1. Bloomberg Excel Add In Manual Bloomberg Excel Add-in. I'm having a problem with a script not updating an excel file. Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Qualified trainer responds to When using data from bloomberg i.e. loading data with a =bdh function in a cell and data have not finished loading VBA need to be stopped to load the data.

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