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C user control not updating philips sa6086 updating player

HP Support Assistant lists an update available for "HP Pen Control".

The update downloads, however the installation process had been up for about half an hour without completing, before I gave up.

Html Controls; public partial class custom_events_eventtest : System. Please consider: foreach (List View Item item in list View Files.Items) I set the Maximum to 4 because I know I only have 4 files for testing.I can see the progressbar update very quickly to halfway on two of the small files.The two larger 36MB files do not update the bar at all until the end and then the blue bars on the Progress Bar only go up to halfway when completed.What I am trying to do is have it so that each file copied gets the Progress Bar a little closer to the end until they are all copied. Hi, your application starts the copying processes and the display of the progess-bar from within the same thread.File-IO can be very consumptive regarding processor-time and thus performance.I think your application is too busy with copying (especially in the case of large files) and thus the Progress Bar is not updated.I had a similar problem with writing video files (up to serveral hundred MBytes in size) and displaying progress in a separate form.Only if I put the writing in a separate thread the Progress Bar in my popup-form would update correctly.If you'll use a separate thread created from the main application for coyping, let the copying-thread call a "callback-function" defined within the calling thread (the main application) so that the outside world of the copying-thread keeps being informed on how far copying has proceeded. Refresh(); Regards Rolf Please consider: foreach (List View Item item in list View Files. And the progressbar updates based upon the number of files I have.


  1. I have a Caliburn Micro View/ViewModel set which is utilizing a User Control which has one of its dependency properties bound to a value which is in the ViewModel of.

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