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In my recent post about Gangaji and her husband Eli Jaxon-Bear I inferred that there might be financial motivation to cover up the affair or abuse of power that involved Eli with a former student.

One commenter took issue with my conclusions suggesting that Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji (aka Eliot and Toni) were not living the high life.

There is now a lively discussion with some excellent ranting and analysis taking place on the Topica email discussion list and I found the following comments purported to be from a former Leela Foundation staff member (or members) to be quite interesting in what they were charging: taken my money for the past four years to support their increasingly lavish, 1st class, Trump Tower, gas guzzling, philandering lifestyles.”"I mean they live like kings off a mostly volunteer force thatliterally slave away for them.

5 star hotels everywhere they go, 1stclass everywhere they go, face-lifts and the finest clothes from thehighest end shops, two homes, etc. etc.” The students and disciples of Eliot and Toni are having problems with the abuse of power exercised by Eliot over a student/disciple/patient thirty years his junior and Toni’s coverup of same. It’s a fascinating discussion which should be of great interest to anyone who has set a guru, teacher, pastor, or political leader on a pedestal.

One can sympathize with how conflicted some of these followers are.

We are getting lots of examples recently of how power corrupts in any sphere.

I’ll bet Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear/ Toni and Eliot aren’t even Republicans.

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