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Completely free foot fetish hookups who is hoopz dating now

Stew is a 40-something daddy who loves sucking dick, and he's still at it nearly two years after launching his site, Glory Hole Hookups.He gets off servicing men so much that he installed a gloryhole in his apartment, then he invites guys over and sucks them off.

He holds the man's nuts while deep throating his hard-on, then he licks the shaft with his tongue. This video is a little unusual because once Stew gets a good taste of his guest's dick, he stands and back his ass onto it and fucks it until the man cums.Most of the scenes are oral only, with Stew servicing each guy's cock completely and swallowing their loads, but occasionally he uses his ass, too."Two Buddies Feed Me" is one of my favorites because Stew blows two men in the same session.When the first cock appears, he gently licks and rubs his face against it like he's marking his scent, then he munches on the cap and the cock stiffens up. The man being blown suddenly starts thrusting his dick down Stew's throat with such force that he makes the whole wall shake.He licks the guy's balls, then deep throats the cock, which by now is rock hard, and he pounds it down his throat. A second guy pulls the first cock out of the hole, shoves his own dick through, and Stew starts working his bone.We can still hear the first guy urging Stew on, he even slaps his buddy's ass.One by one, the men unload their nuts, and Stew squeezes every bit of jizz out of their cocks and gobbles it up.When he's finishing up the second guy, Stew says "You keep cumming and I'll keep eating." It was so fucking hot.As far as the men are concerned, we only see their cocks, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.Gay, straight, bi - whatever, Stew doesn't care; small, big, super-sized, cut or uncut, white or black, Stew services all comers.The guys he blows are unnamed, but the videos have hot titles like "Blue Collar Blowjob", "Married Guy Needs My Throat" and "Principal Cums to Feed", and each video has a very brief description like "Principal decides it's time for him to visit my set-up. He loves to throat fuck me." I like this approach as it gets my imagination revving about who is on the other side of the gloryhole.There are 431 videos at Glory Hole Hookups, 190 more than were here when we reviewed the site nearly two years ago, so it's growing like a horny cock getting serviced.


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