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EA's said that it chose From Russia With Love for its next Bond film adaptation partly because it was Sean Connery's favourite film, and partly because it had all the elements that the devs wanted.

Talking to us a while ago, producer Kate Latchford highlighted "the locations, the women, the fun scenes, the enemies".

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, and we shouldn't be surprised our favourite stuff's increasingly commodified - we're encouraging them with our money because most of their games are probably just as good as anything else and have a proper licence.

And this is certainly true to that - people who simply want to be James Bond, do some shooting and hop in the occasional vehicle, searching out upgrade points to increase ammo and armour capacities and replaying levels in search of perfection and slightly contrived "Bond moments", will find From Russia With Love perfectly to their taste.

It has no more problems than the average third-person action hybrid, and it's presented with typical EA glitz.

The mechanics are reasonably well thought out and intuitive - you hold the left trigger to auto-aim, and right to fire, you can dispatch enemies with Bond-like fist skills by responding to a random button-prompt when you move in close, you can lean round walls by backing up against them and pressing Y and then sidling along, and you can roll out from behind things by pressing B.

If you get the drop on an enemy, you can go into stealth-crouch with one button and then club them on the back of the head with another. - are signposted and you press A when you're told to, and objectives are clearly highlighted on your mini-map.


  1. Jan 5, 2018. Anyone else gripped by BBC1's lavish new drama McMafia? London based Alex Godman the dishy James Norton plays the son of a Russian mafia family who reluctantly finds himself caught in a twisted web of international crime. Not seen it? Watch it on catch-up, you'll love it. If the drama has left you.

  2. Aug 19, 2011. Goldfinger overall is my favorite of the Connery Bond films, but From Russia With Love is just so damn classic from beginning to end.. I've seen every Bond Movie made since 1962 to now, and I still love From Russia With Love the best because you could tell Sean Connery had a lot of fun making it.

  3. From Russia with Love is een Nederlandse realityserie op RTL 5 die bedacht is door Ewout Genemans. Het programma volgt een aantal Nederlandse en één Vlaamse vrijgezelle mannen die op zoek gaan naar een partner in het voormalig Oostblok. Achterhoekers Gerben 29 en Jeroen 27 reizen af naar Kiev en.

  4. From Russia with Love is a 1963 British spy film and the second in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions, as well as Sean Connery's second role as MI6 agent James Bond. It was directed by Terence Young, produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and written by Richard Maibaum and.

  5. James Bond 007 From Russia with Love is a third-person shooter video game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond, whose likeness and voice is that of Sean Connery. The game is based on the 1957 novel and the film of the same name.

  6. Atlanta Creative Loafing Cover Story From Russia with love. Way east. For four years, Lewis had been ordering catalogs from European Connections, an Atlanta company that introduces American men to Russian women. Sasha already had seen her share of heartache when a friend told her about the dating agency.

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