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German railpass s bahn validating stamp christian rules for dating my son

I have read through this forum with great interest and thank any of you.advance... I'm sorry if this question has been raised before, but I am totally confused !!! On some lines, like Rome to Florence, ES* is about the only choice.

We are travelling to Europe in October & November and have bought the following rail passes on the suggestion of our travel agent and Rail Saver.com: Eurail 4 Country 1st Class Select Saver Pass (for Austria, Denmark, Germany & Italy Czech 3 Day 1st Class Flexi Pass Some Point to Point tickets. You can buy the reservation at the station before you go.

Please would someone tell me if I need to make reservations for the following trains, and if so, should I buy them in advance, or wait until I get to each destination to get the seat reservations for my onward journey? I must mention again that reservations allowed to Eurail passholders are limited..may find a situation where others will walk up to the ticket window and be allowed to board and you will not.

To use a Eurostar train in Italy will cost you about -20 for a reservation for each train.

There's a link to a pdf file showing all the "reservation" fees that are required to use your railpass (there are a lot of them).

Click on the "Railpasses" tab at the top of this page, then on "using your railpass".

Herman at is very helpful with purchasing reservations with a transaction fee of or so.

Clicking on the train you might want will give you all the stops and changes as well as actual train numbers.

For Krakow to Warsaw, you don't need a reservation, especially at that time of year. Warsaw to Prague shouldn't be necessary either, unless you plan to take a night train .

If they knew enough to recommend you purchase passes, they should know which ones will need reservations, and how to obtain them in Australia.

It really depends on when you're travelling, and which trains you decide to take.

I would suggest you check with your travel agent and/or for those journeys.

If you are coming all the way from Australia, at least make sure your schedule is flexible enough to allow for taking trains after the ones you might have selected. Checking the Warsaw-Prague run on bahn.de, I see that reservations ARE required on virtually every train.


  1. Buying & Validating Tickets. Even people who forgot to stamp their ticket must pay the fine. In marked cars of the S-Bahn.

  2. U-Bahn stations in all German cities are marked with. Other modes of urban public transport you may. Eurail/GermanRail passes are only valid on the S-Bahn.

  3. Eurail Pass 101 Part 2 how. you can use your Railpass on both the French RER and German S-Bahn. Little green ticket validating machines are.

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