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The Sri Lanka Video is a central part of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience.The game proceeded by gradually providing glyphs that each revealed a short video fragment of a longer sequence numbering 70 in total.According to the game, Rachel Blake shot this video while in Sri Lanka in mid-July 2006.She claimed that the information revealed is so damaging that "it will tear the Hanso Foundation apart." She deemed it too risky to reveal in its entirety, so she chose to distribute fragments hidden throughout the internet, and accessed via clues and glyphs.Players were required to locate codes to enter on the website hansoexposed.com, and each code revealed its accompanying video fragment.However the fragments were not revealed in the correct order, so needed to be sequenced.

He provides history of the motivation, explaining that after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States and U. He also reveals that the island was used as a research station to attempt such a manipulation to change the numbers.

The second half of the video appears to be clandestinely-filmed footage filmed by Rachel Blake of Thomas Mittelwerk explaining a "radical" Hanso Foundation intervention project to his staff.

He begins speaking as the Orientation Film finishes playing on a television monitor; it seems that this video is the one seen in the first half, above, despite its much steadier and clearer video quality.

Mittelwerk explains that two villages have been intentionally infected with a Hanso-engineered virus, and that the Hanso Foundation's cover story is to provide a treatment vaccine.

He reveals that their goals include a mortality rate no higher or lower than exactly 30%, as well as testing of the deceased to confirm genetic targets of their virus.


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