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This is a logical game in which you have to slide tiles of similar numbers to sum up, so mixing 2 with 2 results in 4.

Now you will have to mix 4 with 4 again to make 8 and so on.

The goal is to produce 2048 without getting the space all filled up with tiles.

Play Copter Online here Copter was very popular classic flash game which you must have found out at your friend’s PC in past.

Play 10 Bullets for free here Ten Bullets is the simplest and the coolest game on the list.

Sounds boring, but amazingly one of the most addictive game on the planet.

Its a random , Pointless and and surprisingly very addictive game.

Simple game in which you have to just keep clicking the mouse to save it from upcoming hurdles.

Advent of android brought gaming industry to its apex.

But you have to still install those games on your mobile phone and that will require download and installation.

Due to their simplicity they have become very popular and addictive.

See More: top 10 useless website for time pass Cut the rope is an interesting game where a frog sits in the bottom of the game window and you have to cut the moving rope in the right time so that the food goes directly into the mouth of the frog.


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