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Lrc potentiometer dating

CTS pots have long been the first choice in American guitars.

CTS pots from Stew Mac have even more to like: closer tolerances and longer life!

We've specified these CTS pots to feature a longer-life brass shaft and tighter ±10% resistance tolerance compared to CTS products offered by most other suppliers.

CTS precision audio taper gives you smoother and more accurate response than you'll get with economy pots.

Crank your guitar up to 10 and the volume swells all the way—no abrupt flattening to choke your playing style.

A 250K gives a slightly warmer tone than a 500K, and bleeds off (attenuates) some of the high frequencies to ground.Replacement Mounting Nuts and Lock Washers are also available.Upgrading control pots: choosing the right pots and knobs Lots of low-cost guitars play great, even though the manufacturers cut costs on hardware and electronics.Swapping out your control pots is an easy mod with big results. I had bad volume pots on a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. Since this was my first attempt at replacing a potentiometer, I did a lot of research and chose these as a quality replacement. I may switch out the tone pots so I have the same style knobs on all four.Dating Telecaster Pot Potentiometer, Please Help Hi! Toppscore Well, if anyone knows how to date a Telecaster pot, PLMK. I also did not know you could date a guitar by them. Fender is/was very consistant as how the week/year dates were labeled/stamped on most vendor supplied items used within Fender guitars & amplifiers.I can read one Pot/Potentiometer on my 1978 (I think) American Standard Telecaster: R1378131 = 13th Week of 1978??? The true answer will make me understand what I have and whether I list the Telecaster on EBay or not. The Pot/Potentiometer on my 1978 American Standard Telecaster: "R1378131". After 1980 you will see "yyww" = "year/week" for the last four digits. I never heard that term before or did and just forgot it. When I get a slow responce or static as I turn them. When I replace pick ups I put a new set of pots on it. I do an install that is cleaner than the ones that came new on the guitar. If they need replaced just do it they are about .00 each.My discussed pot in this thread is R137yyww = R1378131 = 1981/31st week (R137 = mfg)Typically, before 1981, you will see "wwyd" = week/year/day of week Example on a 1970s Stratocaster neck butt date "0903-2455" 09=Stratocaster 03=Maple Neck 24=24th Week 5=1975 5=Friday What I've been understanding, serial numbers are only an indication of a year, but could be five years off, like my Telecaster.The neck-butt stamp will provide year/week/day or year/week. The year is a big thing to some for parts and is the seller telling the truth. To find the year of my Strat you need to pull off the neck. Gfs sells them in the proper range for each place Neck, Middle and Bridge. I will end up with two types of Telecasters and two types of Stratocasters.


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