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Almost everyone has heard the children's story by Hans Christian Andersen entitled, "The Emperor's New Clothes". When the Emperor parades around in clothes that are invisible no one says anything because everybody thinks that if they cannot see the clothes that they are stupid, ignorant, or insane. The theory of evolution has become so popular and so pervasive that it is difficult for anyone to question it without being branded as, "ignorant, stupid, or insane." Some might suggest that I am too biased by my upbringing or religious background to see the truth of the theory of evolution. " This paper deals specifically with the theory of evolution and the hold that this theory has taken upon the scientific community as well as the popular imagination. The farce continues until a child exclaims, "The Emperor has no clothes!Certainly it is true that I am human, prone to bias.But, at least I am aware of this and really do desire to know the truth - wherever it may lead.

When a theory or interpretation can no longer be questioned, it leaves the realm of science and moves into the realm of holy, untouchable, religious dogma.Often the thought crosses my mind that scientists are just as fervent and religious in their thinking as any other church-going community. I'm not saying that a little religious zeal is a bad thing - even for scientists.Many truths are very important and should be defended.However, human ideas of "truth" are not or at least should not be above all question.In fact, truth is made all the more clear when it is challenged.Why then does it seem like many scientists defend their ideas of naturalism and the theory of evolution as if their lives and very souls depended on it?The dedication of the scientific community at large to these ideas is generally no less dogmatic and passionate than the religious fervor of the most hardened sectarian fundamentalist.And yet, the scientific method really does not support the use of any "" assumptions when evaluating the potential truthfulness of any hypothesis or theory.The position that the mindless non-deliberate processes of nature are the only types of potentially "natural" forces that can possibly be considered when it comes to explaining the origin and diversity of life on this planet is not a requirement of the scientific method, but is rather a philosophical position.It all boils down to what scientists define as "natural" verses "supernatural".The funny thing is, scientists do theorize the involvement of intelligent minds all the time when it comes to forensic investigations or searches for extraterrestrial intelligence - since these intelligences would be "natural". Upon what basis are all considerations of the workings of an intelligent mind excluded, without any consideration whatsoever, when it comes to determining the origin and diversity of life on this planet?


  1. Oct 7, 2016. Sean Penn and Leila George. Penn's son Hopper was also spotted on the beach with a friend. Picture Splash NewsSourceSplash News Australia. At 56 years old, Penn is just one year younger than George's famous dad. The young actress recently shared a social media snap of herself in a recording.

  2. Oct 20, 2017. The notoriously outspoken Blade Runner actress Sean Young, whose career deflated in the midst of industry misogyny and several infamous incidents of questionable public behaviour, has revealed that Harvey Weinstein once flashed her while working on a film produced by his former production.

  3. The relationship between Rachael and Deckard formed the perfect bittersweet heart to Ridley Scott's noirish 1982 sci-fi Blade Runner – but off-screen, actors Harrison Ford Deckard and Sean Young Rachael famously disliked one another. Their animosity was so bad, the film's crew even dubbed their love scene “the.

  4. Directed by Sean Young. With Sean Young. Follows Brenda as she experiences the difficulties with online dating in Los Angeles, and how she does whatever it takes to nail her young dates.

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