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TACFIT® is the original Tactical Fitness System, created by Scott B. Tactical Fitness is defined as: • Tactical: Of, relating to, or constituting a series of actions, carefully synchronized, coordinated, planned and executed to achieve a specific end.

• Fitness: methods, protocols and principles to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare, mitigate and compensate for specific occupational, recreational and lifestyle stressors.

• Tactical Fitness, therefore, is a contiguous approach for specific physical preparation to enter, overcome, and recover from stressors in such a way that the individual and team become stronger, better and healthier from the stressors, rather than deteriorate from them.

The Real Thing is the third studio album by the American band . It was the first major release by the band not to feature vocalist . On this album, Faith No More continued to advance their sound range, combining , Faith No More underwent several line-up changes before releasing their first album, , released in 1985 and distributed through San Francisco-based label .

On the original vinyl release, the band is credited as "Faith.

No More" on the album's liner notes, back cover, and on the record itself. The debut album's title track "" was later rerecorded, for their follow-up album in 1987, and released as their first single.

Two of them, "The Grade" and "The Cowboy Song", later appeared on the singles and on the UK edition of Live at the Brixton Academy.A third song, "Sweet Emotion", was later rerecorded with different lyrics as "The Perfect Crime" for to the film that also starred a cameo appearance from guitarist , .The original version was released on Flexible Fiend 3 with magazine issue 258 and, more recently , the greatest hits compilation released to coincide with the band's .After the release of the album, Faith No More developed somewhat of a rivalry with fellow Californian group , whom they had previously played with on .In a separate interview, he clarified his comment, remarking "I love The Real Thing, and I liked his vocals on that record.I mean, when I heard the record I noticed subtle similarities, but when I saw that video it was like, ' Wait a second here, what the fuck?.'" responded by saying "To me, our band sounds nothing like Red Hot Chili Peppers.If you're talking about long hair, rapping with his shirt off, then yeah, I can see similarities. I haven't talked to them since this whole thing started.We're really good friends with that band and i'd like to think they're doing It ... Mike Patton finally addressed the allegations from Kiedis in 1990, commenting that "It just kind of came out of the blue. I got a real big kick out of it to tell you the truth.I mean, if he's gonna talk about me in interviews, that's fine - it's free press!Either he's feeling inadequate or old or I don't know, but I have no reason to talk shit about him." Later in 2001, Patton also theorized that "I think Anthony, deep down, feels like I'm a better dancer than he is.


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  2. In 1987 the Silver Jubilee year it was produced in silver vinyl and a chrome face 5213MOSFET 100 Reverb Twin, A Vintage Arnold Hoyer archtop guitar dating

  3. Billy Corgan's 10 greatest heavy metal albums of all time Smashing Pumpkins starpicks his favourites in Loud Muzak 10#The Stooges

  4. Where the P1 was offered in either silver with audio effects like reverb to theirinstruments of your pet’s face. Create an “identical twin” of

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