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Thinning hair dating

Society has developed stereotypes on balding and hair thinning.

“In the history of hair, baldness was either an indication of sickness, out of religiosity as a monk, or as subjugation if you’re a prisoner or slave,” according to Kurt Stenn, in his book Hair: A Human History.

One of Hollywood’s favorite comedy materials involve middle-aged men with thinning hair who are typically cast as the obnoxious basketball coach or the lame high school principal. It affects a man or woman’s self-esteem and perspectives in life.

Hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory, thus female hair thinning is a huge blow on her self-image.

Here are testimonials from younger men and women on their real thoughts about balding and hair thinning.

*Lorraine, 22 years old, customer service representative “I’m hopeful.” Photo courtesy of via Pexels “I have beta thalassaemia major, a genetic blood disease characterized by iron deficiency.

My doctor told me that my hair thinning is attributed to my health condition, but I never got used to that fact.

I’ve always wanted to have long thick hair like my friends.

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I’m hopeful.” *Chynna Angelou, 25 years old, writer “It’s depressing.” Photo courtesy of Ivan Obolensky via Pexels “I initially thought that my hairloss was because of my regular trips to the salon. But when I was 19, I had a medical emergency and was diagnosed with lupus.

Hair thinning is a result of lupus, which is an incurable disease. Still, I continuously research for tips on how to make my hair thicker.” *Sonny, 36 years old, car rental owner “A bald head does not suit me…” Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels “When I started noticing bald patches on my head, my wife casually advised me to shave my hair.

It sounded like it is the most obvious solution; only that a bald head does not suit me! Wearing a wig is out of the question so now I cannot leave the house without a baseball cap.

I’m open to hearing more concrete solutions.”” Gerald, 38 years old, sales executive “I never had the courage to put out my photo in a dating platform.” Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels “I partly blame my single status on my workaholic lifestyle.

At 38, I’ve only been in a serious relationship once. My younger cousins introduced me to an online dating platform a couple of years ago but I never had the courage to put out my photo.


  1. Apr 12, 2016. Adrian Gee conducted a social experiment with his friend Justin. His friend Justin has thinning hair and Adrian wanted to find out if he would have an easier time approaching women and asking them on a date if he had a full head of hair. Justin approached several females and was rejected every time with.

  2. Probably the 4th time I'm asked to answer this question. First off, don't be conscious about being bald. One day, all men go bald anyways. I don't see the big deal here. Besides if you are losing confidence, there is nothing you can do about it by stressing. That causes more hair loss you know Get a good handsome.

  3. Sep 26, 2011. When I started dating a bald man, the first questions my friends fired my way about him had nothing to do with his background, employment or interests. Repeatedly, they'd. Men have gone bananas over thinning hair for centuries, symbolically associating it with losing virility and youth. Gersh Kuntzman.

  4. Apr 28, 2014. "I kind of stopped dating when I started losing my hair significantly," said Adrienne, "just because it affected so much of how I see myself." But eventually Adrienne gained her dating mojo and as she started to meet men she had a whole new concern When do I tell my partner about my alopecia?

  5. I fear that even if I become more confident A huge struggle for me, any potential girlfriend will reject me because of my thinning hair. Do women dislike thinning hair or is it just my fear taking hold of me. Perusing some dating and hookup sites, I've seen plenty of girls 18-22 demanding guys be 35+.

  6. Aug 24, 2017. “Hatfishing,” as Jason Chen at The Cut explains, is similar to “catfishing,” except it's when a guy always wears a hat in all of his online dating photos to hide the fact that he's balding. It could be a. Your scalp situation may not be ideal in your mind, but you can still look good when you lose your hair. In fact.

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