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United states dating traditions

Apparently a disastrous war had broken out on Mars devastating the planet to such an extent that life was no longer possible on its surface... Their new planet is called Siton and is now a thriving part of the Confederation. How the planet became uninhabitable and how the population had to start life again elsewhere. I will ask Zyloo to give you a special transmission on Mars.Valdar kept his word and on June 4th, 1975, we received a radio transmission, but not by Zyloo.This came from Atra, a Koldasian who spoke English very well...He said,"Valdar has asked me to contact you and tell you of the destruction of the red Planet, Mars.It was intended that Zyloo, who himself happens to be a descendent of the ancient Martian race, should give you the story.But he is at present on a mission which has taken him away.

Even in ancient times Mars was called the'god of war' and rightly so for it was indeed a warlike planet.

Its present desolate appearance is the result of nuclear warfare which brought life on the surface to an end.

Our scientists are of the opinion that Mars is now slowly recovering its balance or equilibrium and one day it will again be able to support life as it did in the past."they did not travel deeply into space, they did travel to the two moons.

Eventually intense rivalry and friction developed between these two regions.

The South, the more aggressive, developed atomic power before the North, and a struggle for control of the whole planet developed.


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