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Updating lexus navigation

We've now had 4,000 registered Lexus owners and more than 290,000 visitors with 100's of visitors every week. To date nearly 4,000 Lexus owners (see their comments) have registered their dissatisfaction with us.Lexus will not allow navigation or phone use while the car is in motion and has gone so far as to disrupt aftermarket overrides when customers purchase software updates. These customers, who represent well over 0 Million worth of vehicles, are not satisfied.At Lexus, legal covering one's derrier still trumps customer satisfaction. Many will not buy another Lexus and nearly all would not pay for such a poor Nav system.Comments Page *Letter to Lexus Salespersons* See My Rebate Check A hypothetical conversation Avoid Lexus' Upgrade Help Email Complaints Business Cards Why this website? If you already own a Lexus, see how I got my rebate and encourage other owners to join us us as we work to get rebates for you too.Override DVD search Total cash rebates: You've come to Lexus We promise not to sell or rent your email, but we will tell you when news happens.Our Mission is to inform customers of the surprising limitations of Toyota / Lexus Navigation systems, which are too frequently hidden by salespersons during test drives. , dial phone numbers or find things like bathrooms or restaurants. If you are currently shopping for a new car, not even Consumer Reports will tell you the downside that so many owners discovered - too late!

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So trade in your car, steer friends and family to other manufacturers and let Lexus control their ever-shrinking fleet of vehicles.A recent NY Times article stated " For Car Buyers, the Brand Romance is Gone". Most car buyers want to identify with their cars and the company that makes them.However, some auto manufacturers like Lexus have alienated their customer base with their strongly defensive legal posture. The 2010 RX 350 is in showrooms and a short visit to the local dealership reveals Lexus Navigation is still something to avoid.I sure know that Lexus has made me madder than hell by the way they stonewalled every one of us who wanted a system that worked. I was not able to test the Nav while driving, but the salesman did tell me that you must rely on the Voice Recognition (VR) while driving. Western Avenue Torrance, CA 90501 April 14, 2009 Dear Mr.His demo of the VR was done with the car parked in the showroom, the engine off with a quiet interior. Here's how it went: Me: "I've heard the voice recognition is not very good." Salesman: " Oh no, the new version 6 is very good. Say you are looking for a gas station." Salesman: "gas station" VEHICLE: "Destination. Templin; I see that the 2010 Lexus vehicles have not solved the Navigation Controversy, so I thought it time to update you on the status of Lexus and see if there is some common ground on which we can build.The statistics below relate solely to Lexus website and exclude the companion We now have over 1,000 registered Lexus-owning visitors, more than 50% of whom say they would not have purchased a Lexus if they had been aware of the limitations of the Lexus Navigation system before they purchased their vehicles.These folks are your worst enemy- they steer friends and family to your competitors which is particularly damaging in this tough economic environment.We have passed the 75,000 visitors mark simply from individual searches.I anticipate that one day we will achieve our 15 minutes of fame and our servers are ready.I cannot say if that will occur before our complaints are taken up by consumer organizations or class action attorneys. However, the navigation and Bluetooth limitations are significant and at least as important is my perception that Lexus just doesn’t care about us and our complaints.


  1. Hi all, I am looking to update my navi firmware/software in my '06 IS. Does anybody know what generation the navigation system the 06 has? Somebody says 4.

  2. Navigation Software Update for a 2013 Lexus RX 350. Updated navigation software for the RX 350. Find the right update for your navigation software for your 2013 RX 350.

  3. Just got a 2010 RX 350 a few weeks ago, and it says there is an update available for the navigation system? Anyone know about this? How much is the update.

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