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Updating phone firmware to callmanager

I would like to apply a service update on my cluster to solve a specific issue that is a known bug with our existing 9.1.1(a).

I will be upgrading to 9.1(2)SU2a and a newer phone firmware will be on the tftp servers post upgrade.

I would like to prevent the phones from upgrading if possible.

I have 1 publisher node, 2 sub nodes for TFTP, and 2 sub nodes for registering phones.

My idea is to switch versions on the publisher and TFTP nodes followed by manually replacing the phone firmware files on the TFTP server back to the old files.

After that, I will switch versions on the phone registration nodes which is normally where the phones would upgrade firmware.

Since I had manually replaced the fw files back to what they were pre-upgrade I am thinking the phones will go through a reboot but they won't upgrade.

Just trying to figure out if I am on the right track and whether or not my idea is valid.

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Rob After you upgrade the publisher, go to default device firmware and put the old versions back.Then you can upgrade the rest of the servers and reboot the phones. Make sure you go to the default firmware before you upgrade and copy the existing values so you can put them back after the upgrade.thanks for the feedback.....you offer your opinion on my actual downtime and tell me if I am understanding this properly?I will upgrade the inactive partition on all of the servers starting with the publisher choosing the option not to reboot at the end for all of the servers.Then I will switch versions on the publisher and wait until that comes back online. Certifications: A Network CCENT CCNA Voice I understand it is a maint window but that really is different than user impacting down time.I will then change the default fw back to where it was pre-upgrade followed by switching versions on the 2 TFTP servers and checking the default fw on those servers to confirm it matches the pub. Why would my phones go down when they are not registered to the publisher?At this point there has been no downtime in my scenario. I get the idea that you can't leave different versions on pub and sub.Once I switch versions on my sub that registers everything my thought is that the phones will register to the backup sub for registration. Reboot the subs at once if in the same physical location or by location. I am just trying to determine at what point users will actually experience an outage.Active calls will be preserved and the phones will reset only taking Few things. I don't believe it is when the publisher switches version.Thanks so much for the information, I will definitely keep it in mind.Rob When you upgrade the pub and after it reboots, the phones should not be affected.


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