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Virtual dating games office party

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You will get a chance to see who the budding actors are in your office! Divide the party into two groups and have stack of options to pull from a hat at the ready. For holiday party, use seasonally inspired things, for a baby shower, use babies as your inspiration. Choose a theme for things to act out that supports the reason for your gathering. For the daring colleagues, play a game of charades at your next gathering. It will likely catch people off guard and is sure to bring lots of laughter to the gathering. Your co-workers will appreciate the fun break in a routine day. It’s best to start out with subtle things and move up to more obvious motions or gestures. Choose your favorite office party game to play and be sure to get some of the antics on camera. For example, if the “leader” begins jogging in place, then everyone should start jogging in place. You can turn your next office or corporate gathering into something fun and memorable. Through the gathering, this person can initiate various behaviors that everyone else should then copy. If the first team fills in all the blanks they win the round, but if the opposing team guesses one of the remaining answers, they win the round. As you get further in the game, you can double or triple the points. At the beginning of the office party, designate one person as the leader. Once the playing team gets three strikes, the other team decides as a group what one answer they want to give to try to fill in one of the remaining blanks. You’ll be surprised how much or how little you know about your co-workers. Give each person a turn with fifteen seconds to answer.


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