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Next, what is the real cost of maintaining a girlfriend?

‚ Well that depends on what you do for them.‚ Some pussywhipped boys buy their girlfriends tons of gifts in the hopes that they will have sex more often than once every two weeks (which they rarely do).‚ They take their girlfriends on eleaborate dates, abandon their buddies and pine over every comment and phone call she makes.‚ These boys have a fairly high cost for sex according to my valuation at 5 per session of sex.‚ Once again, no way.‚ However, some men who date women are able to provide as much enjoyment to the women as the women provide for them, creating a much more equal transaction.‚ These men will buy their girlfriends presents when appropriate and take them out when appropriate.‚ They care about their girlfriends, but have a separate life and a healthy measure of self-respect.‚ Men in a equal relationship with their girlfriends pay per session of sex.

This is in sharp contrast to "archeofeminists" like myself, who recognize that women are just fine as we are and would in fact be weakened by becoming more like men.

Dear friends, I believe that now is the appropriate time to reflect upon the true cost of hiring a prostitute versus maintaining a girlfriend versus being married.‚ You may believe that I am unfit for the important job of performing this analysis, due to the fact that I have neither hired a prostitute nore been married before.‚ However, my deep creativity and advanced analytical skills give me the capabilities necessary to accurately investigate this vital question.

Maggie very politely pointed out some of my misconceptions.

She contacted me out of the blue (just like Allie contacted Levitt out of the blue) and corrected some misconceptions that I had about prostitution.Some males, also known as “players” or “dirtbags” or “black roosters”, date women with no commitment of any kind.‚ Oftentimes, the women are the ones pursuing these men and the men actually end up essentially getting paid for sex.‚ On average these men do pay a little for sex, but that amount is always quite small.‚ They may buy the girl a drink at a club or pick her up from her house or some other small gesture.‚ The difficulty for men in dating relationships with no commitment is that they don’t often stay with the same person very long and if they do it inevitably turns into a girlfriend type relationship (see above).‚ Some of these guys are able to maintain multiple dating relationships though so they may have sex whenever they please.‚ That strategy can quite often blow up though, leading to a crazy man-hunt by their dates that ends with their man-parts being hurled at a police officer.‚ Per session sex valuation of no-commitment dating is .Finally, it is important to focus upon the real cost of having a wife in the same terms discussed above.‚ The average married couple has sex 98 times per year.‚ Not great, but not awful.‚ My research also shows that the average wedding costs k (though paid by the bride’s parents) and that the average man can expect to have 55% of his discretionary income spent on his wife, kids and related expenses.‚ The median man with a full time job in the United States in 2007 earned ,113.‚ My calculations based on this and other data determines that the cost per session of sex for married men is 2.54.Midget Singing Amy Winehouse “Rehab” Lyrics & Dancing Video ...For many couples, sharing digital accounts isn't necessarily a marker of a relationship moving forward, so much as a matter of convenience.Britni*, 31, viewed sharing Netflix and Hulu with her now-husband as simply part of the process of moving in together.Netflix passwords are usually reserved for extremely close family.Sometimes, Mum’s on the account when you really want to watch Gossip Girl and you have to send a wheedling message to the family Whats App."I have more money, so I feel like it's only right that I use my resources to keep our relationship stable," he said."But there is this question of who is putting more into this relationship." 29-year-old Jared, on the other hand, said buying textbooks and other items for his girlfriend through their combined Amazon Prime account actually works in his favor, since a large enough purchase gets him free two-day shipping.It wasn't until she and her current husband lived together that she trusted him enough to share their Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions."Sharing accounts isn't something I do unless I feel the other person won't screw me over," she said."If you can share an account with me and not be a dick, maybe it's OK to share other things."As with any shared expense, the question of who covers memberships and orders can lead to tension.When you give anyone access to an account with your payment details, psychotherapist and Harvard lecturer Holly Parker told , "you're trusting the other person to pay the bill and to negotiate finances reasonably."Karen, 35, learned this firsthand when she shared Netflix with an ex-partner five years ago.It’s a real dating milestone when you’re comfortable to admit you caught onto Breaking Bad late and binge watched it all in a week.“Although at first glance it may not appear to be intimate, it is,” psychotherapist Barbara Neitlich told MIC.


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